REGALO - the innovative shelf packaging system

The new generation of product presentation in the refrigerated section:

Well placed, attractively packaged goods in the refrigerated section provide valuable guidance to the customer and are often the decisive incentive when it comes to making purchases. However, the trade has further requirements when it comes to shelf crates: Efficiency, vending machine capability, high rigidity, and low storage as well as transport volume are all crucial to competitiveness in production and logistics.  

In REGALO we have optimised the conventional shelf crate: A well-thought-out construction which now also offers protection doesn’t just increase rigidity by to 80% but also reduces volume and material consumption. Integrated Quickstack corners facilitate stacking and improve transport safety.

Once it finally reaches the shelf, it reveals its enhanced sales impact. Deep facing, glued exposed edges and the option to affix advertising to the crate both inside and outside make REGALO the ideal solution in the refrigerated section.

The benefits of REGALO:

  • Quick and easy to stack
  • High level of rigidity thanks to TRIPLE INNER BONDING
  • High level of rigidity thanks to QUICK-STACK CONNECTIONS on the corners
  • Significantly higher box compression resistance (BCT value)
  • Deep facing for simple product extraction
  • Space-saving without bonded external tabs
  • Visually appealing thanks to glued exposed edges
  • Additional printable advertising space on the inside
  • Rigid supporting bars
  • Designed in twin secure

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